*Bonkers Wax Up!* for Game Gear *Bonkers Wax Up!* sample 1 *Bonkers Wax Up!* sample 2
*Bonkers Wax Up!* for Game Gear.
Genre: Adventure
Resolution: 160x144
Size: 280 Kb (compressed with WinRAR 2.90)
Bonkers is running around the castle, collecting various items and destroying ghosts. Very low resolution, but still playable.
Emulator: Dega 1.09 (117 Kb, for Windows)

*Disney's Bonkers* for SNES
*Disney's Bonkers* for SNES.
Genre: Adventure
Resolution: 256x224
Size: 695 Kb (compressed with WinRAR 2.90)
This game seems to be more difficult, but the graphics is much more pleasant and funny. Just look at the *Game Over* shot! ^_^
Emulator: Snes9x 1.39 (828 Kb, for Windows)
or ZSNES 0.96 (371 Kb, for DOS)
or ZSNES Win 1.36 (453 Kb, for Windows, DOS-style interface)
*Disney's Bonkers* sample 1 *Disney's Bonkers* sample 2 *Disney's Bonkers* Game Over

*Bonkers* for Sega
*Bonkers* for Sega.
Genre: Arcade
Resolution: 320x224
Size: 559 Kb (compressed with WinRAR 2.90)
Four arcade games in one. Nice graphics.
Emulator: KGen 98 0.4b (292 Kb, for DOS)
*Bonkers* sample 1 *Bonkers* sample 2 *Bonkers* Game Over