Bonkers Guests
(famous Disney characters who have cameo appearances in the show)

Donald Duck:
*Going Bonkers* (Bonkers saves him from a robber).

Darkwing Duck:
*The 29th Page* (Rubber Room);
*Springtime for the Iguana* (the photo with Roderick Lizard);
*Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep?* (Bonkers' dream);
*Of Mice and Menace* (on TV).

Mickey Mouse:
*I Ought to Be in Toons* (his name is never pronounced and he cannot be seen, but we hear his voice).

*Cartoon Cornered* (cartoon studio);
*The Toon That Ate Hollywood* (his picture is on the mailbox and his voice can be heard).

*Cartoon Cornered* (cartoon studio);
*Springtime for the Iguana* (one of Roderick's photos).

*Of Mice and Menace* (police station);
*Cartoon Cornered* (toon studio).

Clarabelle Cow:
*Stork Exchange* (toon babies factory);
*Rubber Room Song* (and therefore, *Casabonkers* as well).

*The 29th Page* (Rubber Room, together with Darkwing).

Mad Hatter & March Hare:
They play a major role in the series, therefore I even included them into the Cast list. However, since these two characters came from *Alice in Wonderland*, they can be considered guests.

Professor Ludwig von Drake:
As well as the above-mentioned couple, this scientist (originally created for *Duck Tales*; according to some sources, he is Donald Duck's uncle) had more than just a cameo appearance in the show.

Ferdinand the Bull:
All oxen seem the same to me, but the one in *Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep?* resembles Ferdinand.

Lady & the Tramp:
*Springtime for the Iguana* (one of Roderick's photos).

Beagle Boys:
*The 29th Page* (one of them is Al Vermin's client);
*Bobcat Fever* (one of them is Al Vermin's client).

Bonkers Spoofs
(and also transparent hints, *hidden mickeys* and other references)

Mickey Mouse:
*Going Bonkers* (Bonkers' clock has Mickey on its face);
*Of Mice and Menace* (Bonkers dresses the mice as Mickey and Minnie Mouse);
*Quest for Firewood* (the Pterodactyl cuts out a Mickey-shaped bush).

*Bonkers in Space* (the planet of the same name is Pluto-shaped).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
In *Tokyo Bonkers* there are four Ninja Kitties named after famous musicians (the Ninja Turtles were named after artists). Z-Bot, the main villain, is a pink brain who needs a mechanic body (a reference to Krang).

Elvis Presley:
*Never Cry Pig* (the *Elvis Ketchup* label);
*What You Read Is What You Get* (three imitators).

Freddy Krueger:
The Collector from *Going Bonkers* has a glove with sharp pencils on his right hand.

Sherlock Holmes:
Bonkers imitates him in *Weather or Not* and *Sheerluck Bonkers*.

Joe Friday:
Bonkers imitates this detective from *Dragnet* in *Weather or Not*.

Inspector Clouseau:
Bonkers imitates this detective from *The Pink Panther* in *Weather or Not*.

Stephen King:
*The Dimming* is an obvious spoof of *The Shining*, a horror story about a writer in a haunted hotel.

*Goldijitters and the Three Bobcats* is *Goldilocks and the Three Bears*, only with reversed polarity.